Dr. Silly ®

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kind interest in the work of Dr Silly ® . We are all dedicated to the support and nurturance of children and their families ,and so we share our place in the human community.

For my part, I work to improve the way all our children are cared for,those in families, those in institutions,and those who must endure uncommon lives in dangerous and unhealthy settings. I add my share by creating more opportunities for the children to play. Yes the offen overlooked, simple pleasure of play is the mirror of an appropriate childhood.

I believe that "People who Play Together,Grow Together"®, in love, in harmony , and in overall satisfactory . We must stand against the disappearance of childhood that substitutes satisfaction for self satisfaction; a world that subordinates children to fads and amusements, will surely not endure.

Together we can protect of our children. We can provide them with opportunities to explore their natures and develop their character.We must give them our goodness, not just the goods of the world. We must share our lives with them so they will share their hearts with us.

Dr. Silly® is a point of view as much as a character, a player and parent to children. He is a reminder of our obligation to joyously and completely care for our young. When we take time to play with our children, we make an investment in unborn hearts; we take care to help them be compassionate, caring-even steadfast.

I am pleased to welcome you to this struggle to protect all children from abuse that stems from overlooking their need to play and grow in safe surroundings. After all, who are we but they.

I know you will join me in helping our children become comrades in our arms. We deserve no less of a future.

With love and care,

Dr. Silly


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Dr. Silly's unique symbol captures the power of imagination in puppetry and play. In the design, Dr Silly depicts himself as both puppeteer and puppet. He bears a flaming heart, which carries a symbolic message:

"The flaming heart I used is an old Sufi symbol used by the Persian mystic. It symbolizes the idea that what puppets really offer is a deeper satisfaction for a Childs mind, which is a precious thing. Imagination sets the heart afire."



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