College Broadcaster Interview

The audio programming available from the Children’s Radio Network is designed to contribute their growth and development;consequently , the genuine effect and ultimate value of each program must be measured against this maturational standard rather than against the typical entertainment criterion. CRN programs are created to help children mature, not to gain access to their pocketbooks.


These shows are available as cassettes, audio streams, and broadcast where available over community and college radio stations.



These shows were created from a collaboration between teachers, parents and Dr Silly to help integrate the experiences from school and home. They were live broadcasts to classrooms and were supplemented by visits from Dr. Silly .

Length: 29 min. Format: Host

Contents: The Imagination Radio Show consists of popular stories that are part of the school language curriculum; attention training segments that are related to prereading, math, and personal study skills; jokes, poems and contributed humor that reflect home and school life; TV information and commentary that prompts managed use of that media; listener’s calls that personalize the radio listening experience, personal care and health segments that support self-care, nutrition and social behavior; and radio adventures that stimulate imagination and support family life.

This program provides children with a listening experience that competes with TV and video game use and presents classical and contemporary stories that represent important themes in children’s lives.

Length: 29 min Format: host and puppets

Contents: Retold classic folk tales, contemporary stories and music. This unique show helps children learn listening skills, promotes their imagination through the use of puppet hosts and assists them to relate

the story themes to their lives. Each story reflects cultural diversity, challenged children and social issues that blend with the daily experience of children at school and home.

CRN progams stive to present audio programming that helps kids create a satisfactory personal and family life and makes them feel part of the communi.ty and nation they live in.