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Service Goals:

  1. Improve the emotional health of children receiving care.
  2. Train caregivers of special needs children in play therapy techniques.
  3. Supply educational, play, and athletic equipment to low-resource schools, children's hospitals and community centers.

Service Plan: Collect, ship and distribute donated supplies to identified locations Referred by childcare personnel and allied professionals.

Provide staff training through a volunteer program at recipient's site and at the Play-Care center, USA.

Service History: play materials and educational supplies have been sent to Nigeria, Israel, Hungary, Australia, Romania, Armenia, Russia, Brazil and American locations. Training programs have been conducted in Romania and Australia.

Who can help? Manufacturers, distributors and child care personnel who want To donate stock seconds, overruns and dated play material or Promotional supplies. Office supplies, art material, toys, athletic equipment…items that will help children learn, develop and recover from illness or trauma are needed.

Service Method: Play-Care materials are organized and packaged in three ways:

A Children’s Toy Chest A Teacher's Treasure Chest A Playground in a Box

Small play items learning material throw/catch supplies

Art, drawing supplies  school supplies 90bbstrp.gif (845 bytes) nets, balls, games

Printed material teaching tools sports promotions

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