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nodrugs.jpg (18122 bytes) Puppets at Work!!!!!!

Amazing…really, how such "silly" things as puppets can be used to talk about very serious personal and social problems.
These photos show a drug prevention program run by high school students. Under our guidance and training,
they presented a series of puppet plays they developed that dealt with family problems.The program was very successful and is continually running after ten years, under the auspices of the Art Department and the Drama Club-unlikely partners in the effort to manage drug abuse!

Try such simple programming in your community. The trick to making your efforts successful is to keep things very informal and at a small group level and then….have absolutely as much fun as possible.


When you use a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, then you are communicating with children in a way they can accept and understand. Being light hearted about their challenges and humorous about all our efforts to live well, means you can tell the truth about life and keep feelings and thoughts on the positive side.

Employ a puppet today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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