The Dr. Silly Buster-Boxes, were designed to bust boredom! They are a play tool constructed of ordinary cardboard and created to integrate several types of puppets into the theater format.

The two-story puppet booth makes it possible to use stick and glove puppets as well as small figures and objects. The Buster-Boxes can be linked to create a series of theaters or separated to present small scenarios.

The negligible cost of the theaters means that several Buster-Boxes can be given to a classroom. The teacher can arrange groups of students according to educational parameters and each group can present the plays they create.

The scenic material can be simply cut from newspapers, magazines, calendars
or similar material. The puppets can be created from paper cut-outs, figures on sticks, traditional cloth, small promotional toys-practically anything that children think is suitable for their performance.

The short duration of plays, usually about 5-8 minutes, allows students to view several plays during the sessions. For example, if the students are creating plays about handicapping conditions and tolerance, they can crowd around the small theaters and watch as many as 8 plays in sequence. This repeated viewing capacity helps expand the teaching goals and improve recall of the facts and issues presented in the plays.

Dr. Silly's Buster-Box puppet theaters are an inexpensive and effective way to involve students in creative activities that stimulate their imagination and promote awareness of any social issue.