Simply put, the Children"sRadio Network (CRN) has been built upon the efforts of public and college broadcasters who agree to "share the air" and to present programming that addresses the developmental needs of children and families. These conscientious broadcasters agree to off varying amounts of locally and CRN produced programs and to further stimulate the use of radio by community and youth service agencies.

Working with colleges and the National Association of College Broadcasters, CRN is creating an international radio network, dedicated to empowering children by emphasizing the idea of the "young helping the younger." Student radio stations and their staff are the focal point of the CRN network. These young broadcasters to help create, distribute and present radio programs that integrate with the community care of kids. CRN is really a gift to our children and an investment in the future of our culture. CRN was created to serve the emotional, intellectual and physical needs of our 49 million children under 14 years of age.

CRN will also offer broadcast training through the Summer Radio Camp, a multi-cultural opportunity to train young broadcasters around the world to create programming for the children in their local areas. The Radio Camp is located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont at Dr. Silly’s farm conference center.

CRN is a response to the observed psychological disequilibrium created by the over commercialization of the young. The increased violence depicted in children’s media coupled with the continuous nature of advertising efforts, has had a disturbing effect on too many kids. Our commercial culture has substituted point-of-sale for real opportunities to care for children. Our kids need to develop a media literacy and to have a voice that helps them improve their skills, talents and character.

Fifty years ago, television changed the planet; twenty years ago, home video technology became available to many private households and consequently changed that setting. While these technological advancements have enhanced many aspects of our lives, their side effects have had an unfortunate impact on the lives of children. Prolonged TV viewing, now averaging over 5 hours, is a passive activity at best; it has obscured and weakened our spoken language skills and made children less able to accurately communicate their thoughts and desires. The results have hurt our kids,created premature wants even in the very young, and reducing self-esteem in their social world. Their individuality and sense of themselves has been damaged. They have become some one else’s children.

Our children have become less able to express themselves and to fully participate in their communities. They are less aware of cultural differences and are reduced to stereotypic thinking due to increased video and TV viewing. Teachers, parents, librarians, youth leaders all complain about the effects that media has had on our children. Teachers in particular complain that children are less able and interested in reading and that their ability to communicate is declining.

Radio services for kids can give them a chance to hear what is on their minds and to share their thoughts with a world community of listeners. Radio can also provide children with the chance to learn and to listen to their culture, themselves and the world community. Radio can help rekindle imagination and self-image. After all, youth radio is their voices.

Through participating radio stations CRN programs are available to local communities. If you want radio programming for your children, then contact your local college and community radio stations and demand those services. "Sharing the Air" with children and families is now a broadcast option, so make those calls, ask for more radio programming for children that is non-commercial and related to your locale.

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